This Jasmine is Not a Flower

After a very long hiatus, I now am starting to write again in this blog. Also, I browse for several source which could inform me about how to improve my blog rating. Being idle for years make me loose my follower. I used to have many commentators on my blog but after these years, I know, they are all busy with their projects. I can understand that because me, myself also do the same.

First website I visit is this business listing site. I visit this website because of it’s jasmine picture. I like simple logos and I like this one. Their tagline is also cool: “Don’t surf the web. Command it.”. Feeling curious, I read it paragraph per paragraph. I found out that this site is made for those who wants to know about business web directory. I actually do not really interested in this kind of topic but since I have visited this blog, I want to share some information I got.

They have so many blog lists on their site. Here you could choose which topic you do prefer to put your site. Once you work together, these are the benefit you got: 100% seo friendly web directory , up to 5 extra links, details like never before, automatic thumbs, best result. 100% SEO friendly web directory make sure your reader easily find what they want and this will enable them to search for more. Up to 5 extra links means you could submit up to 5 links. If you have more than one site, this benefit is suitable for you. Details like never before, means you could submit all the information you want your readers to know. Automatic thumbs enable you to give thumbshots for your website and this is good for your site. Best result will be the best gift you will get after subscribing to this business web directory. Interested to try?


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  1. well, I will keep on following and commenting your blog sweetie! :-) HUGS!

  2. Hi Icha, when you have time, check out my recent post. I'm presenting you with a STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD! Congrats!

    I hope you'll like it.


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