When Professions No longer in Action

I love to seize the day by taking a walk with my friends or spending my day browsing a new book store, exploring new mall or market which I do not really know when they were built until my friend or whoever else told me that they has already been there for several month. I sometimes go out just to refresh my mind or revive my soul or even rejuvenate myself. I like to catch a glimpse of new scenery, especially for the new one, which I have never been there before. But I am not going to talk about it right now. I will not talk about the mall or the stuff I desire to buy, but I want to talk about someone who always besides me whenever I want to explore the city.

I love him. I know all his friend might say to him, "Ouw, time for pleasure around hah?" and he always say, “Well, I am looking for another things to do". That is him. He never stops doing everything. He sometimes goes to his colleague and asks about their job's doing. He does not want to get involved, he just care. Sometimes, he accompanies my relatives finding a new place to settle. He does not want to intervene, he just simply help. Anyway, he might be old physically, but not his soul.

The company used to roll him to another position- which I always noted, in trouble- and asked him to unravel it. My friends are looking for him when they are stuck at their problem and need someone to help them solving the problem. My mom sometimes relies on him and asks him to do something for her, even though I know she absolutely could do it herself. She only wants to take his attention. She loves him too. No wonder. He is a kindhearted person. He neutralizes us when we talk negatively about others. I obtained the best counsel from him. He is attained the age of about fifty this years, and for me, he never stop doing noble things.

Now, he is not working anymore. I still see lights in his eyes. He still has the guts. It is written in his eyes. It is like a blaze which is appearing suddenly at a glance. I know that his age does not prevent him from his desire. He is wise and I am proud of him. He sometimes makes mistakes, but he never timid to say "I'm sorry". He tries many adorable new things to do, which I cannot. He sows and nurtures the seeds. He breeds the birds from many kinds. He drives the motorcycle out of town himself. He accompanies me traveling around the city. Rain and shine, he never stops. Well, he is not that old.

Two days ago and yesterday, he spent his day to accompany me managed the payment for the Internet which is not right. We then took our time taking a walk at several hypermarkets. Today he drove me to the copy center, looking for the paper I need. I could not find it there, I should find somewhere else. He took me to another store which is further than the first one. I still had not got it. We turned back and went to the supermarket. It was not available there. I ask his allowance to drive me to my college. He was agreed. So I went to my college and found the paper there. He drove the motorcycle for me. He is still young.

For me, Father's Day should be celebrated every day. It is a tribute to our father. They do not only become our father for once a year right? I love my father and I am proud of him.


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  1. Ahhh...this is a lovely post Ika! I am glad that you have such a great Dad. I do love mine a lot, too, and like yours he has teached me a lot of things and he never said that I cannot do it because I am girl.
    You are right Father's day should be everyday like Mother's day, too. Or like my Mum said "I do not need a Mother's Day if my children can only think on that of me and spoil me". I think she is right I can do good things to Mum and Dad each day and not only on one day, this shows them more that I love them...


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