I Am Back Again

Hi all!! I know I have been very mysterious these months. Lol. Nope. I was really busy. You can't imagine it, trust me. I have a lot of things to do, job, social, my own life, etc. Now I really want to take some time to write here and tell you about what is going on with my life these miraculous days.

My wedding has been canceled. I know that this is not a good news but I think you should know it (so you won't ask me anymore). We both think that we are not ready. Yet. So my ex fiancee now is busy with his new books, career and plans and I really pray that he will be successful. I know you can do it, honey.

And now, me. Hmm..... at first I want to really pursue my career in human resources field but my family should come first. So instead of moving to another city for my next step, I go back to my sweet hometown. I believe that there are many new opportunities there. Besides, I could accompany my parents (they call me almost every hour here). Living near my parents makes them feel secured. I don't know why but it does.

Friends and colleagues who always ask about me and me and me and my wedding and bla...bla... bla.... you could ask me right away. You don't have to disturb my family anymore. If you have gut, ask me. I am the subject here, not them. I am tired with those gossips and wrong issues. Okay. Just wait for a couple of months.

So, my plan is, I will be at home in February and stay there for good. I will probably rearrange my bedroom and of course greet my hamsters (still remember them, hah??). Updating my blog and reading my books will also be my habitual action. I really can't wait to go back home to meet my parents. For your information, my father is sick. So I should be there to comfort him and my mother and my brother too. I am so excited. I have sent three packages of clothes, books, kitchen stuffs and else, those stuffs who accompanied me here in the new island. My room is clean now.

Well I think that's it for now. Ah, I almost forget. I love Jenny. She always cares for me. She never forgets sending me message to ask me whether I am okay. love you so much jenny. I am so sorry that things doesn't happen as we expected but I really wish that we could meet someday. For you who wants to know my pictures now, here is the picture I took two weeks ago

I know that I am fat now. Lol.

See you later guys...

kisses and hugs...,

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  1. I am so glad and happy to have you back here Ika, sweetie! I really really missed you and your blog writing here and all this nice comments on mine. :-)
    Oh, and wow, I got so blushed when I read what you have written about me! I love you, too, sweetheart and I am so glad that I got known you and that we are friends! Be sure one day we will meet!


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