Twitter: Why Is It Famous?

Nowadays, communication has been developed into many types. Some people use phone, the other use letter. Since the population of Internet users are growing rapidly, communication through Internet is emerging to everywhere in the world. One of them is communicating through social networking sites. There are many social networking sites on the Internet, but less of them are famous. The one which is famous becoming more and more famous because many people suport it by using it as their main lifestyle. Businessmen use it. Pastors use it. Housewifes use it. Even maids and nannys also use it. They want to be connected to their friends all the time.

One of those famous social networking sites is Twitter. Nielsen has stated that Twitter has become most popular among working adults. Unique visitors to Twitter has increased 1,382 percent since last year. Twitter has become the fastest growing site in the Member Communities category for the month. It has become one of the crucial social networking tools for many people, especially for those who have many fans. Let's take a look what Twitter can do in this era of communication.

People make friends through twitter. They search for their friends and invite them to be the member too. Soon after they get friends, they will invite the others too. One friend invites one friend. Soon, they build their own community through it. No matter it is college community or even high school community, they get their pride by having that online community. This trend creates more and more members thoughout the world. Everyday, Internet users meet more people as they spend more hours in front of the Internet.

Another benefits using twitter is the proximity betwee the actors or actress and their fans. No more television. No more newspaper. Just tweet and the fans will be able to know what are their idols do. This is a great method to keep in touch with them while they are far away. This is the good way to inform the facts straight from the source. Some actress use it to minimize the gossips, some of them use it to create gossips. No matter what the purpose, twitter help them to get close with their fans. So do the fans. They are happy just to get the information about what their idol do. This creates a mutual relationship between both sides.

Out of all the benefits in relations, twitter also cheap. It cost cheaper than short text message. It is fast too. Once you type the message and press enter button, the message will be spread to all the followers. This make the information effective. Information is received by the right person. They who follow will receive the information but they who don't will not get the information. Twitter is also easy to be used. It needs no software. All the users have to do is to type in their address bar and it will bring them to Twitter sites. No more pending message, no more miss communication. No wonder it becomes the most famous networking sites.


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