How to Lose Your Weight

I am trying to forget my nightmare and I am browsing several sites of articles. I love to read many articles as it helps me to know more about many things. For example, when I was confused and really clueless about menopause (remember when my mother got this period?) I went to my computer and found the definition about it. I tried to find the way to minimize the pain and then I told my mother about it. It helps.

So now, I am reading free content article which I think could help me to do something with my weight. Lol. I know this is an old discussion about my weight. I know I discuss about this again and again. I hope you will not get bored with this. Lol. So, I search for weight loss articles. You could read it too if you want it.
So, This is what I get. We can not just exercise to lose weight. We also need to limit the calories from the food we eat. Besides having a routine of exercising, we also have to control our apetite. Exercise too much without limiting your calories in food means zero, a.k.a. useless. When you fitness like crazy and eating like crazy, you will not reduce our weight. (hmm.. This may be happen to me).

So, let's start a new way of reducing weight by enough exercising and also enough nutrition. Do not eat calori to much (but you could consume it in a proper portion) and do not stop excercising. Reducing your daily meals without exercising is also means zero. You should maintain a good exercise and proper food in a daily routine to make it works.


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  1. Haha...that's what I want to do, too. I did loose some weight in last weeks. But now in the last week I did not take care enough about my weight and so I gained on again. But from today I will go back and take care of it. I am lucky I think I have found a perfect diet book. But it is written by Germans and not translated. Their way is that you eat eggwhite food in the evening like chicken or fish and no food with carbohydrate. What's the trick about it? The eggwhite helps to burn fat! Try to find a site where this is told, too. And yes, what you have found is true, too. Eating less calories is important, too. Oh, and a simple trick is your drinking. What do you drink during the day? You should drink only mineral water, no sweet stuff like coca etc. And everytime you feel hungry for a snack, drink a glass of water.

  2. Thanks for sharing, love you.


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