Hectic Weekday 3 and The Toothache

YUP!!! I got a toothache!! I couldn't sleep last night. I woke up every one hour. I couldn't have a nice dream. I feel like an owl. My eyes are ... well, I don't have to tell you, I guess you know the effect of staying awake. aarrgghh.....

So yesterday I went to ITC (.... Trade Center) i don't know what's in "I". lol.. I bought a shirt for working at the office. I haven't got a job yet but Mr. sexy told me to prepare a set of working outfit so I bought it. Meliana accompanied me yesterday.

Then I bought "kompyang". That is my favorite food when I was a kid. It is made from flour at the outside and pork and seaweed inside. I love it. yummm...

My plan today is to wash my clothes (again) and iron it. Then I will go to the college to take care of my certificate. After that, I might want to burn the pictures for Meliana. They are the picture of us which has been taken since four years ago. I was just thinking that Meliana doesn't have it all. So I will burn it to the CD and give it to her. You know, I am leaving this town this weekend so I must move fast. kyaaaaaa...!!!

Anyway. I am glad to have you all as my online friends. and I am thankful for all of you who really pay attention to my updated post and support me through your comments. I really appreciate it. I don't know whether I still can blog there but I hope God will provide the way for me.

Have a great day everyone!! I love you!


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  1. Kompyang itu kayak gimana ya? Kok gw baru denger ya?

    Niwei, good luck untuk pindah2annya ya :)
    Mo pindah ke rumah Mr Sexy ya?

  2. I pray you are not in any pain sweetie.

  3. Giginya sudah baik, non?


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