Need a Diet

I think I really have to go on a diet. Do you remember when I told you that I was sick? Yes, I went to the doctor and they said that I got a symptom of two diseases. Then I read many articles about nutrisystem review to make sure that I got the best nutrition to make myself healthy. The last day I visit the doctor, I use the scale to know my weight. And I was shocked! It is beyond the imagination. I need a diet!

I once have ever came up with the idea of diet delivery. Then I check the site which provide about this and found out that it is far away from my home. If I reserved them, that would mean that I should pay more for the delivery service. It is out of town and you know how much should I pay for that. Then I canceled my plan.

Actually, it is good to have diet delivery plans on each city, so that the person like me could take the order and get the best shape. Well, I think I should consider doing fitness in a short time before the day. It should work. I will get well soon and apply a gym member and then I will be fit again, just like several years ago


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  1. Hmmm...did you talk about the diet with your doctor, too? Usually they can help you, too. And I made the experience if you take a little look on what you eat and mostly try to eat less fat and simply a little bit more healthier and doing some sports you will be fine with it, too, and can go to keep on living the same way. A special diet you do for a time of period has always a yoyo-effect.

  2. Diet... ?! I dont think you need a diet. Hey, post your last picture so we can comment about that plan ... xixixi ^^


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