Graduation Day

Hi!!! How are you all! I hope that you are okay. Today I has been graduated as a fresh graduate. I am so excited. I will show you the picture soon after I get it from my friend. Well, something happened and my mom brought my camera all day so I can't take my picture using my own camera. Lol.

Oh... I have been having a bad and good experience at college and I am thankful for it. Somehow, it teach me more and more about life, work and many things. The moments which irreplaceable and can't be changed. I love it and It was very touching today at the ceremony. But everything was under control. So, be happy with me since I am happy today.


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  1. Congratulations Ika! I am proud of you! Looking forward to see the picture!

  2. Icha..... congrats yaaa. Ikut hepi jg ^.^

  3. I am very happy for you.

  4. Hi Icha, I can not wait to see your pictures with TOGA.



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