What is friend?

I has just watched a channel which shows many celebrities gang. it is better called best friend, because they spend each other and they support each other. Even they use "gang" as their name, but they, in fact never make any trouble with people. The best thing about best friend is, they do not care how bad you are and they do not care how rich you are. As long as you are together, that is enough. No matter how many troubles you will face, you will face it together. No insulting, no judging. Just supporting and helping.

I has just realize that some of my "bestfriend" is not my bestfriend at all. I think, I am also not their bestfriend. They said anything they want to say about me. When they need me, they come to me and ask for my help. When they do not need me, they treat me like a trash. Even when they have their new friend, they pretend that I am not even exist. They are not my friend, specifically, THEY ARE NOT MY BESTFRIEND!

Then I realize that I only have three real great best friend in this world; Mayang, Meliana, and the best and the greatest of all is God. Facts sometimes hurt us, but fake hurts more. So, let us end this stupid fake things up and face the truth. Do not pretend that I am your best friend while you, in fact, do not want to be my friend at all. I have known all. I have heard all. Sorry guys, this is the truth. May you have a great day!


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  1. hem... ppl come and go in our lives, but bestfriends stays. By the way they treat us, we know who really our best. So be thankful for everyone we meet, coz whoever they are, they teach us how to face this life, despite good or bad.

  2. I think you are totally right! People who only remember you when they want something from you are not real friends. You do not need them. I always told myself it is better to have a few good and/or best friends, who be always there for you when you need them and for whom you are there when they need you. And even if you do not talk for a month or two, they will understand and welcome you as always. A long friend list at yahoo, facebook etc. does not count...
    that's my opinion


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