Want to be an Expert? Build Your Momentum!

I do not know whether all of you have ever heard about this or not. I mean, have you ever heard about "momentum"? Okay, this is not about chemistry lessons. I am talking about a constant habit. Have you ever played The Sims? When the player do not like Sci-Fi topics, you must give her/him a Sci-Fi magazine everyday. this will create their interest about Sci-Fi and they could get their couple. This relationship could be closer than before. Wait, I am not going to talk about The Sims.

Okay, back to the topic. I once ever learn and read about this thing. MOMENTUM. When you want to be an expert in writing, you must write at least one writing a day and do it everyday. Do not stop. just do it. no matter how bad your writing, no matter how it scatter every where, just write. it will help you top build your momentum. You have to do this for about six month continuosly and do not stop. Believe or not, you will never stop after it.

Do you remember about the statements "Practices make perfect"? Well, that's what you do. By building your momentum, you are not only practising, but you are also improving your ability and creating your habit. When you read everyday, at least for one hour, you will be a good reader and you will be able to write. When you speaking in front of the mirror every morning for at least 30 minutes everyday, you will be able to speak in front of the publics.

So, from now on, decide who you want to be. Determine your dreams. Practice everyday. Do it continuosly. Build your momentum. The successes are waiting for you.


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  1. What's your momentum? My momentum is again to learn Greek and Swedish and to keep on improving my English. I starting with this every year but I always failed. But I think you have given me new energy to do it again. Tahnks a lot!

  2. Me being a good writer? No, I do not think that I am a good writer...you have to choose someone else for being your idol in writing. But thanks for the compliment!


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