Want to Be Debt Free

Yes, that is all we want. I actually wondering why people love to use credit card while I think credit card will only add our debt. This is what I experience. When I read money saving tips site, I always try to apply it on my everyday life. I try not to buy things which I do not need and I try to be wise at shopping.

Two days ago, I went to the mall with my father. We ate at a restaurant which sells noodles. They sell a lot of variations of noodles cooking there and I think they are specialist in noodles. I like their food so I went there. When the time comes to pay for it, I use my debit card. I do not have credit card because, just what I have said before, I want to be debt free and for me, credit card means more debt.

And do you know what happened? This is the first time I can not pay with my debit card. They only received credit card. I was just thinking that debit card means that I have the money to pay for what I buy and credit card does not always mean that I have the money because it will be charged later. I help lower my bills by using debit card rather than credit card. Facing this experience, I think I need more information about these whole card things to make me understandably clear about it.


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