Typing on The Computer: Dealing with the Pain

Typing or doing many activities in front of computers could cause you many things. Some of you might severe stiff neck, some of you might hurt your back and the rest of you might hurt your feet. When you are fully concentrating on your monitor, your eyes work very hard and so do your brain. This brings your neck into a condition where you can not move and thrust me, this is not convenience at all.

Unfortunately I got all those three. When I am typing and thinking what I should type, I spend much time on computer and it caused me stiff neck most of the times. So here is what I do every time I have to type:

1. I stand and walk around my house every one hour. I relax my feet, my hands, my eyes and of course my necks. This is good to prevent some muscles from getting hurt. (I am not a health consultant but I have tried this so it might work for you)

2. I drink a lot of waters. This is to prevent my kidneys from kidney stone. Anyway, water is good for your body too.

3. I use the proper light for my room at night. I don’t know about you, but if I use no light and only use computer light, my eyes somehow are hurt. So I usually use the room’s ceiling lamp.

4. I have an enough sleep. Sleeping in the right portion could rest your whole body and this is a must. No bidding.

5. Eat properly. Do not be hypnotized by your activity. You must eat. This will create more energy to think and produce a new fresh ideas.

So those are all I do when I am typing on my computer. Do you have other habit different than me?


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