London Oh London

Okay!! It is time for a fun quiz (which I will answer it myself, lol). What is the name of this city? One of the bands in Indonesia sings this song. It is used as a jingle in one of the providers in Indonesian telecommunication Industry. Do you know the answer? Yes! It is London! Lol.

The question is have you been there? London is one of the famous cities I have ever known. Several big movies were played there and there also are many famous legends born from this city of London. Going to London would be one of my dreams. I must have to find cheap London hotels to stay there. Look at this picture below:

It is a beautiful London Hotel right? I would like to be there. Well, someday I will be there, with my husband of course. We will find one Hotel London and we will use all the facilities there and take the picture of it.


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  1. I have only been one time to England and I was in the North. I was near Sheffield and I also spent some days in York, which is a very pretty nice old town. I loved it! London, I would like to visit one day, too. A friend of me lived there when she was 17 for one year. She was there as an au-pair girl and her host family was living inside London. She said it was cool at that age but today when she visits her host family she says she is lucky that they are living now in the country side. That's when you get older LOL

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  3. Hmmm..i would go there too someday...:)


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