How to Choose The Next Book to Read

Do you love reading? Have you ever stuck and don't know what to read next? Well I could give you several tips to do when you are looking for a new book to read. Are you ready?

First, you could go to the bookstore. There you could find many books from many authors and topics. Do not bother to choose one quickly. Browse slowly and make sure that you read the summary at the back of the book. This to make sure that you don't buy the wrong book. Many cases happen when people choose the book by its cover or by its thickness and they finally come up with a huge pile of unread books. This is so pity. You spend your money at the bookstore for a pile of unread books. So, be patient, browse slowly and when your heart feels 'click' with a book, it might be the book you are looking for.

Second, you could go to the library. There are many library, such as city library or university library or your school library. Do not afraid to ask some helps from the librarian. I am sure that they will help you (except the bad librarian, but I am sure that not all librarian is bad. lol. ) library usually has specification for each book. Here you do not have to browse for all books. just choose the non text book. You know, library is identical with text or is it just me? I don't know.

Third, you could simply ask a recommendation from your friends. I am sure that you have at least one friend who likes to read (not loves, because I find it difficult to have friend with the same hobby), so ask them about the new updated books or the old book but you have never read it yet. it will be great. Or you could have a discussion with your friend about a book. you read it together and discuss about it. It must be fun!

Fourth, join a community or bookclub or newsletter about new books. There you will get the updated news about new books plus you could hang out with the book lovers and spend time with them to read the books. Sounds interesting? Why don't you start it now?


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  1. Of course, I do not have any problem to choose the next book. I still have a bunch here which must be read. ;-)
    I hope you will follow my recommendations if you do not know what to read at next LOL :-)

  2. Huhuhuhu dah gak punya waktu utk leisure reading sekarang.


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