Flying? Oh please.

Mr. Sexy loves traveling and he loves to visit a new place which he has never been there before. I also loves traveling because I can see new scene and also new people and I also can take the picture of the place and ( I guess I use too much “and”) I could also learn about their culture. I love learning especially when it comes to languages and cultures. The difference between Mr. Sexy’s traveling habits with my traveling habit is the vehicle we use. He loves to use airplane while I am afraid to take a flight. He always browses for discount airfare to get the chance visiting another country.

I did not say that I hate flying but when I see airline tickets, my mind goes to the sky where we can not touch the land and we are in the middle of nowhere. We are not near the ocean or the trees or the houses and we might be able to see Superman is flying beside the plane. Haha.. Forget it. That is just my imagination. I guess many people will be happy if there is someone who wants to give them free airline tickets, but for me, I am not sure. Since I have a special feeling about the sky and plane, I will not take that idea, except someone want to accompany me to fly.


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  1. Okay, let's have a new try...(I wrote a comment here, but it was not saved, so you probably never got it).
    I am like you...I really hate flying becuase of the same reason you say, under ship is water, under the car is the street etc. but under the airplane is only sky! And it cannot hold you. So flying is always horrible for me and I do not think I will ever get use to it. Probably I will never see some parts of this world because the flight is so long. But I am also a bit proud of me, because onetime I went to England by airplane alone! ;-) Nevertheless I feel a bit safer when someone is with me.


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