Are you tired?

I do not really know whether this is because of the weather or the climate, wait.. is it the same? Weather and climate? Whatever. The thing is, I am not healthy today. My head is – somehow – dizzy. It feels like someone has put a huge block of steel above my head. The both side seems had been hit by pillows many times. It sounds dip .. dip .. dip in my head through my neck and I feel like I am boiled in a bowl of water. I am hot. Of course I am hot, lol, I mean, it is supposed to be cold here and out there but I do not feel cold at all. The weather is changed every hour ever day and I am sure that I got sick because of it. Is there any of you who have been graduated from massage schools? Please, do me a favor. Give me massage. Lol..

I actually have a second idea about the cause for my sickness. I think it is because of the rain. Yesterday, I went to one of the biggest restaurant in this city. Why? It was because I had a dance show. I already had a feeling that I would get sick, but I thought it must be because of the weather. The weather was cold so I felt cold no matter how hot my body and my head are. Now, I still feel the same. That is why I ask you who have been studied in massage schools to help me reduce my pain by giving me your best massage. I really appreciate it and I accept many style of massage. (Like it has many style)

In moment like this, I has just realized that sometimes, studying in massage therapist schools is worth it. When the time come and you need someone to give you massage, Voila! You could ask your brother, or your sister, or even your friend, to do it for you. I do not like massage before I tried it. Yes, I must admit that it is hurt sometimes, but after you have done, you will feel lighter. You will not be hurt anymore. Massage seems throw your illness away and exchange it with wings. I once tried a vulcanic spa and I liked it very much. Now it’s the time for you to try it too, just like I do.


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