Miss You Too

O Gosh!!! I also miss you all, Gratcia, Seli, Hannah baybeh, Nie, Eta, Ce Desi, Mama Ibhetz, all of my online friends... Ariel, Sis Fida, and all of you which I can't mention all of your name. I miss you all...!!!!!!

I have submitted my paper but I am still waiting for the evaluation. I hope you could pray for me. I am vervous... really nervous..

Kisses and hugs from me



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  1. Hi, Dev \(^^)/
    Do u still remember me?
    ho ho ho (^o^)
    Dev, klo boleh tau...
    alamat e-mailmu apa?
    Boleh donk..(^u^)
    Ok, have a great day,
    GBU girl...

  2. You will be fine!!!!
    There are a special award & message for you.

    Miss you too,

  3. Hey..your back!!! I'll pray for you Icha. I know everything will be OK for you (^_^) GBU! Hurry back, we miss you too!

  4. Wah good luck ya, non :)
    Cepetan lulus yaaaa

    Kangen deeee *cium basah*

  5. Hi Devita, I wish you all the best wishes. Hoe you exceed expectations.
    By the way, pop over my place, I have something for you.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  6. miss u too, Chaa..muach3. keep spirit ya ;)


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