I Am a Good Cooker

Cooking makes me on fire. no, it is not because I am getting burn or something, it is because I am keen on cooking nowadays. Well, I has just got home from Carrefour. i have bought Olive oil, cheese, milk, etc. I want to make Mac and cheese.

I have concluded today that I am good at cooking, but it is only for European food or Japanese food or Korean Food. I can not cook well on Indonesian food, I do not know why. The thing is, when I made European food, or Japanese food or Korean food, I always made it deliciously, but when it comes to Indonesian food, I always failed. Yes, it is true.

My favorite dishes is pasta. I started to love pasta when I met Yong'z - my best friend till the end - she loves pasta just like me. The weird thing is when she makes pasta at her home, I make it too. We do not have any agreement before but we make it almost at the same day. It might be because our telepathy...lol... but I enjoy it a lot. How about you? Do you like cooking?


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  1. Hi! I like the cooking itself, but what I do not like is things like cutting the vegetables for something like that you know? I am also nuts for cook book I have got nearly 90! Just ordered one from England by a Chinese cooker who seems to be very popular in England. Although cooking is not my favourite thing to so I am pretty good in it. Maybe because my great-grandmother was a professional cooker. I love pasta, too! If you like you can find some recipes at my blog about some pasta recipes. Enjoy! Love, jenny

  2. wow! I never did that, that's great! thank you, I'll visit your blog to find those magnificent pasta.. :D:D yumm..

  3. Hi Icha! I searched at my blog by myself and I have realized that I did not put much pasta recipes on it like I wanted. I must have totally forgot about it. I will add a few more in future so look forward to them and when you have cooked one of them let me know whether you liked it! Hugs!

  4. Voila, you should wait for my 3rd book/e-book.


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