Gorgeous Best Friend

Today, my best friend came and visited me. I am very happy. We discussed about our job and our activities. We also discuss about our friends and we shared about many things. She is a three months old pregnant mommy now. I can't wait to be an auntie. She looks gorgeous. I almost can not believe it. My best friend is gonna have a baby. Oh my God! Time is really flying so fast. Wait......

Whew! I remember when I was a Junior high School. We always disputed each other at that moment. There was always something made us mad each other. What a childish memory. But I am really thankful for it since my best friend and I now have built a really solid relationship. We have been through many difficult situation and now we are happy. We enjoy every moment we have and we are thankful for it.

Yong'z, I hope you and your baby will be okay always. I always pray for you and your family. I believe that God always provides everything in good or bad and He always give the best for you and your family. Be joyful always dear.


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