What Is Menopause?

Since there are so many issues regarding this topic, i want to discuss this again. it is about Menopause.

Menopause is not a weird term for them who already have it. It also a familiar word for female which every of them will have it. Some of my friends moms are already on this phase and so do my mom. What is menopause actually? Let's talk about it.

Menopause comes from Greek language: “mens” -means monthly- and “pausis” -means cessation-. From the definition we know that menopause means resting period. Linguistically, the correct term is menocease which means the end of menstruation. Menopause is the time when female's ovaries produce lower levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone and when she is no longer able to become pregnant. It is a normal condition for all women to have it. Average female will have it at the age of fifty two, but some of them have it at about forty two to fifty six. How to recognize yourself whether you are about to have it is when you have not has your period for a full year. Several women realize it step by step, not frontally.

During menopause, there is a significant change or shift in the hormones. Prior to the onset of menopause, a woman can experience major changes in her moods and attitude. She can enter into a depression easily. Become fatigued and tired most of the time. Since a woman's ovaries cannot last her entire lifetime, the menses become fewer and farther in between, until stopping altogether. Once the estrogen and progesterone cease being manufactured by the body, other symptoms like migraines, sweating, mood swings, fibroid tumors, endometriosis and PMS may begin.

There are several symptoms appears when you have your menopause. They are hot flashes, joint pain, itchy skin, and often get a headache. Other symptoms are the changes of moods, depression, vaginal dryness, fatigue, upset and .the downgrading of sex appeal.

Anyway, after browsing here and there looking for any information about menopause, here are my outlines (dig out from several sites which I will state in the last part of this writing).

* Some of the variety of symptoms a woman can experience concerning to their menopause period.
1. Hot flashes
2. Vaginal dryness
3. Emotional changes
4. Osteoporosis
5. Headache
6. Palpitation
7. Urinary tract infections
8. Weight gain
9. Joint pain
10. Itchy skin

* Natural ways a woman can help herself through menopause.
1. Relaxation therapy
2. Watching the diet
Use natural diuretic such as watermelon, orange, pineapple, and cucumber. Stay away from carbohydrate and sugar, except it is included on fruits you consumed.
3. Consume as much calcium to exchange the calcium that loss
4. Using herbs that act as a natural estrogen
These herbs are:
Anise, dong quai, fennel, fenugreek, ginseng, licorice, red clover, sage, suma, wild yam.

* Several preparations we could do to decelerate the menopause:
1. Exercising regularly (walking, jogging, yoga or meditation)
2. Consuming enough calcium (milk, cheese, beans)
3. Consuming enough vitamin (fruits and vegetables)
4. Reducing coffee, tea, soda drink, and alcohol
5. Staying away from smoking

* Here are some suggestions to help you enjoy your menopausal years to their fullest:
1. Learn about menopause through recent books, articles and other reading materials.
2. Talk to friends and relatives who have already gone through menopause.
3. Join a menopause or midlife support-group in your area.
4. Have a nutritious diet and enjoy regular exercise.
5. Manage your stress by balancing your work and social life.
6. Talk with your health care practitioner about your personal health concerns.
7. Know that you have choices and can take charge of your health.

* Last but not least, These are several important messages concerning to the symptoms.
Talk to your doctor if you have:
1. A change in your monthly cycle
2. Heavy bleeding
3. Bleeding that lasts longer than usual
4. Bleeding more than every 3 weeks
5. Bleeding after sexual intercourse
6. Any blood staining between periods

Menopause is a normal thing which is happened to our life. Menopause is not the end of a life, but it is actually the beginning of the new one. I have not been there yet, but I would like to prepare for it from now on, so that I could decelerate the symptoms before it happens to me. So, how about you?



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  1. A book I would highly recommend reading is "What your doctor may not have told you about menopause" by Dr. Lee. He tells so much in how we can do things naturally and the use of progesterone creme. I even recommend this book for those way before menopause as he has tons of useful information.


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