Same tag part one

Since there are two people tagged me with the same tag, I will divide this into two part. The first part will be from one to three and the second part will be from four to seven. It's gonna be a long long journey. Are you ready?

First, I was tagged by Kelly... beautiful mom with three adorable children:D:D:D Love them!
Second i was tagged by Jenny... beautiful fun girl who loves to read too:D

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So, Here we go!!!

1. I am a lazybones. wait.. what is a lazybones? let us check the dictionary first...

I am back. Here is the meaning of Lazybones:

Definition: A self-indulgent person who spends time avoiding work or other useful activity.
Synonyms: bum, drone, fainéant, good-for-nothing, idler, layabout, loafer, ne'er-do-well, no-good, slugabed, sluggard

Oh!! that's bad. May I take back my words? I am not a lazybones. whew... Ah, you must be very confused with this one. Okay, let me make it clear.

I do not like to do things when other ask me to do it. i like to do things when me, myself, want to do it. For example: I do not like it when someone ask me to mop the floor. It does not mean that I hate moping the floor. I like to do it, but if only others do not ask me to do it. understand? lol... weird, isn't it? Well, that's me.

2. I like books especially about languages. I have told you before right? I really really addicted by languages. If only there are someone who want to give me money to take a language course, I will use it wisely. Because I am really love it! Until now, I have ever learn Japanese, Korean, German, Chinese and a little bit of French language. The bad thing is, i do not have someone who could have a talk with me with those language, so according to this motto "practices make perfect", I am not perfect at all. hikzzz.. Besides languages, I like self development books and personality books. i do not know why, but I really like those kinds of books. Well, if you like it too, we might share each other next

3. I have seven hamsters at home - wait, now I have nine, because one of those have bore two baby hamsters... oh I am so happy - which I treat them like my own children. I have not married yet, so you do not have to worry about my children condition. What I mean by I treat them like my baby are, I speak to them. I give them toilet (they really use it), i play hide and seek with them (you will never believe this, but this is true), I play "I chase you" game with them, and i spoiled them. I even know when they are going to pee in the middle of the game. HAH! more weird person. But they are really cute! you must see their picture.

Aaww.... they are sooo sweet....

to be continued....


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  1. wa keren dapat tag juga :)

  2. NINE Hamster!!! Wow, Icha, lama2 bikin peternakan hamster aja Cha. Pasti seruuuu! Hamster itu gemesin siy..

  3. I am so sorry Icha, I did not realized that Kelly tagged us both!
    I like languages, too! So we have another thing in common beside the books! Do you know that I am German? You can practise your German with me if you want.


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