Relationship With God

I read Psalm 37 and I was reminded about how I live. This verses state directly and briefly about how we live in this world. I want to share several things I got when I read this.

Psalm 37:1
Do not fret because of evildoers, nor be envious of the workers of iniquity. (KJV)

This is just the beginning and it really gets me in my heart. It is said “Do not fret nor be envious”. I have a very up and down emotional control. I sometimes mad and I can not let someone do evil in front of me. I will stand for something and I will say everything that comes up on my mind without thinking twice. I judge and I get so mad to them too. I always ignore someone who is trying to cool me down. Why? Because I have my own opinion that wrong people should be corrected. I just think that they must know the right so that they will be on the right track. This is what I want. And the bad result which always happen is I fall into an argument and fight with others. Then I just think madly “huh! It is difficult to be a right person”

I just realize that what God wants to say to me is do not let your heart be dirty with it. Let them be evil, do not follow them. When I fight for something which came up from my mind, I try to stand by myself. Although I win, I am still the loser. What is the difference then between me and them? When people took Jesus to be crucified, He just let it be. He followed what God’s want. He could do something for Himself, we know it, but He did nothing. He could stand for something to make Him free, but He kept silence and obey them. Why? He did that because He obeys someone who is greater than all of them. He obeys God.

Now, how could I say that I love God when I did not obey Him? I just can not stand it to the next verse. This first verse just shoots me right to my ego. I have failed many many times. But wait, there is another verse which is said “Trust in the LORD, and do good; Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness.” It is like a freshness aroma flowing to my heart. It is like He said to me that “Okay, you are wrong, so what? I am not gonna judge you; I just want you to do what I want. Here is what I want”

When we have faith in Him, we should not let evil rooted in our mind and heart. When we trust Him, we must believe that when He paid it on the cross, we are free. Do not let evil judge us since He is not asking something for us to pay Him back. You know, we could not afford it.

Hey, do not forget that He also say, “Delight yourself also in the LORD, And He shall give you the desires of your heart.” Do not be sad. Just delight in Him. He will give us the desires. What is a desire? A desire is a wish or longing. What would it feel when you have someone give you your desire? It is really romantic isn’t it? Why someone want to give it? It’s because He love you. My boyfriend might not be able to give me my desire. My parents might not be able to give it too. But He could. But there is a requirement for it. Just delight yourselves. He did not ask us to work 24/7 or to give all of our money to the poor. He just asks us to be happy. If we are mad, could we be happy? I do not think so.

Well, if I continue this, we will have a week speech about what I get here. Lol… I believe each of us have our each enjoyment. I will be glad if you could share it with me.

About Priority and Authority

I guess every different situation has its own priorities and we have to be wise to decide it according to what God wants. This means that we must put God in the first priority and let Him guide us which one we should do after Him. I just remember what Mr. Sexy always says to me, if God wants you to do something, you must not worry about anything else, because He will take care of those. How sweet. I once was really stressful about something. I lost my faith, even though I have not faced the reality yet. It was all still on my mind. I was scared. But I just remember that when God wants us to do something, that means He will take care of others. He has that authority to do it. Why would I be afraid? Am I silly? Oh.. but I still have to learn about this. I must make sure that I really love Him and not to be lukewarm. You know woman in love. This is just like what Amy says :

I don't know about you but when I first met my spouse I wanted to know every thing about him. I sought out information about him. I spent time with him. I asked him questions, I listened to the answers and then intentionally stored them away in my memory. I looked for every opportunity to know him better. The same could be said of anyone we desire to know better. We make a conscience effort to do things that will get us closer to them. We must become closer to God.

That’s a woman in love. I guess all of you who have ever fall in love are doing this too. Not to mention, me. How to get closer to God? Amy make it clear that no matter what anyone says you must make a conscience effort to absorb God's scripture everyday. He is God who hears your every thought, spoken word, and action. He understands your every sigh and cry. We could talk to him anytime and anywhere we want. I used to do that and that was very beautiful. You should try it. It was like, everything was in control.

Now that I lost my intimacy with Him, I want to make everything up. I want to start it again with Him. I know that I mess everything, but He forgives me. I want to be a better lover. How about you?

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  1. You're really making me think today Devita!! God is so good that no matter how we mess up or how many times, he still loves us and wants a relationship with us more than we can imagine! God is so good!! Don'tcha just love Him???!!!

  2. yes, that's why i was really thankful yesterday and so on...

    Thank you Penny:D

  3. Devita, thank you for visiting my posting from AT THE WELL today. I came by to pay you a visit and am going away blessed with your writing. What a wonderful thing that God is so patient with us and He desires us to give Him our all. Thank you for sharing today. -Blessings, Laurie

  4. God is awesome, He must be our One and only True Love..


  5. Hi Devita,
    I came over from your Simple Sunday post at Peggy's and noticed your bible study label so thought I would stay awhile. I loved this post. Your openness and honesty is so sweet. You really made some good points. And I was Blessed by reading it. You were able to put into words what God said to you. I can't do that very well so I am Blessed when I read someone else's thoughts. Thank you for sharing.
    I will be coming back soon.
    Many Blessings,


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