I Never Be Alone At Saturday

Many girls think that Saturday is the day for spending their time with their boyfriend. How about them who have not have any boyfriend yet? Some of them are afraid to be alone at Saturday but the rest are easy going. I’m the second one. I’m not afraid to be alone while I’m never alone at all. Why? Because I always get something at the right time when I have no plan to do, people suddenly come to my house when I’m alone, and I always have something to do at Saturday.

I know what I want and I know what I should do when something is going bad. Last Saturday, I woke up late. Soon after that, I was thinking about what I would do that day. I found nothing. “Well, it seems like I’m going to have a boring day”. That’s what I thought. I went to my living room and turned on my TV. I changed the channel to Metro TV. Metro TV is my favorite channel. It informs many things that can add my knowledge. It performed “Oprah Show”’ program at that moment. “What a surprise! I like this program!” Then I watched TV.

About thirty minutes later, my old friend came to my house. This is what I told you about “people suddenly come to my house”. Her name is Natalia. She was boring with her holiday because she had nothing to do. That’s why she came to my house. I asked her to come in and watched Oprah with me. Unfortunately, she didn’t bring her eyeglasses so she preferred to have a talk with my mother. I watched Oprah until eleven O’clock then I asked her to go to my room. I showed her my new computer games, and then I played. While I was playing, I also was having a talk with her. She told me about her life, her study and her activity lately and I did either. We spent the next two and a half hour together. After that, she went home. I turned off my computer and moved to my TV. Metro TV – of course – performed “The Scene”. It was the program about movies, films, music, opera, and theatres and so on.

I always have different experiences every Saturday. Sometimes I have many works to do but sometimes I have nothing to do. But one thing that I know is I will never spend my Saturday alone, because I always get something at the right time when I have no plan to do, people suddenly come to my house, and I always have something to do. So… afraid to be alone at Saturday is exactly not for me!


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