I Love Books

I love books. My all friends know it. I often go to the library at my college. I browse for many books there. I like personality development books and language books. I love to learn how to maintain relationship with others. I also love to know how human personality is. It is good sometimes. I know how to handle several people and how to help those who are in trouble. I also love language books. I like to learn many new language. I also love to know the culture of the country by it’s language. Until now, I have read several languages books such as: Korean language, Japanese language, German Language, Chinese language and the hardest one is French language. Even though those are difficult to understand, but I am enjoying the time when I could read and learn language books. I can not use it all, because I have not learned deeper. I do not have a partner too. Otherwise, I will have gone to many difference countries right now. Well, i becoming a tour guide. I love to collect books and to read it, of course if I have the money to buy the book, but if I do not have it, the library will be my only choice, beside my friend.

My book collections are including the real books I buy from the book store or the books I copy from my text book. I sometimes also copy several books for my personal collections. I take several chapter which is interesting for me and I copy it. I put it at my bookshelf so I can find it again whenever I need it. I love book binding too. Every time I copy a book, I binder it. Sometimes, I make my own notes and I bind it myself with ribbon or else. But if I want to keep it simple, I just have to go to the book binder service near my college and made then to it for me. How about you? Do you like books?


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  1. buku adalah sumber ilmu pengetahuan

  2. Cool, Icha....

    You have been smart already because of Reading many books.


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