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Yesterday, Mr. Sexy and I share about our favorite room. He showed me a hotel site which all the colour of the rooms was orange. I like it, because it was simple and yet attractive. Today, I browse at single bathrooms vanity online. You know, I like to see pictures especially about rooms and stuffs. It builds my interest on creating a comfortable and artistic home. I love to learn from it and get something from it. At least, they inspire me and refresh my mind. It is good to refresh your mind. Do you agree with me?

Let us back to the online site. They offer many beautiful vanity products. I say it beautiful because I really like it. I like the colour they offer and I like the design. You know, sometimes it is difficult to find a nice design which match with your style. But this one is good. I find several styles which is really me. I wonder if you are too. Here is the first:

Cute, isn’t it? I imagine in the morning, Mr. Sexy and I brush our teeth together. Each of us has our each mirror. That will be cool. I will put my perfumes and soaps at the rack between the mirrors. I will put the toiletries stock in the shelves below the table. And about the black little dresser - I would like to call it a dresser - will be a good place for the towels. What a life! Now let’s see this one.

It is simple. It is so simple that I can put it somewhere in the corner of the room. I like the futuristic style. It is unusual. I like the unusual things. Look at the mirror. I can see my whole body there since it covers from top to toe. I like the bathrooms furnishing. It is rock!

This site has s specific criteria of each style. You do not have to be confused to choose your delighted style. Here you can choose according to your budget too. Several specification choices that are available for you are the type of the vanities, the style of the vanities, the price range, and the size of the stuffs. You can pick one which is match to you. Let’s say you want an antique vanities, just click on the antique vanities in the style of vanities section, and they will bring you to your desired vanities. Wanna try?


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  1. i like the first one. looks simple but beautiful. :) n romantic, hahaha..
    *romantis dimananya yee*

  2. jed demen desain yang minimalis gene, gak suka yang banyak pernak-pernik, simpel ajah, tapi rapih dan canggih.

  3. I like the 1st one, rebutan gitu loh hahaha...dan punya tempat masing2 jadi meminimalkan konflik2 kecil saling ga enak2an, wekekekee... iya loh..

  4. hahaha nie ama gaty klop deh:D:D:D

    kalo jed suka yang mana?


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