Air Pollution At My College (2)

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My College Surrounding:

Short term: (last data of 2005)
- Pneumonia: 2
- Bronchitis: 8
- Skin infections (allergic reactions): 42
- Long term
- respiratory disease: 147

There are three ways in which animals can be affected by air pollution. They can:
1.breathe in gases or small particles; particles in food or water;
3.absorb gases through the skin.
Mainly soft–bodied invertebrates, such as earthworms, or animals with thin, moist skin, are affected by absorbing pollution through skin.
Ozone, as well as the primary air pollutants such as sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, can affect the breathing of animals.
Particulates, another form of man–made pollution, can cause many problems for wildlife. When the particulates contain metal they are especially dangerous, building up in the tissues of animals.

Trees play an important role in producing oxygen from carbon dioxide. This process is called photosynthesis which all plants go though but some yield more and some less oxygen. Pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, ozone and peroxyacl nitrates (PANs), cause direct damage to leaves of crop plants and trees when they enter leaf pores (stomates). Chronic exposure of leaves and needles to air pollutants can also break down the waxy coating that helps prevent excessive water loss and damage from diseases, pests, drought and frost

- widening of ozone layer
- global warming
- greenhouse effect

You can help to reduce global air pollution and climate change by walking, bicycling, and using mass transit when possible. You could read my postings about simple ways to love our environment. Earth is everybody's home and nobody likes living in a dirty home. Together, we can make the earth a cleaner, healthier and more pleasant place to live.

My suggestions:
-Car sharing (more students in one car) >> safe money, remember limited gas
-Use public transportation, if possible >> cheap
-Don’t smoke (passive smoker die earlier than active smoker)
-Recycle garbage/separate garbage

So, how is yours? and how do you help the environment's health?


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  1. Yes it is so important that we care for the natural world, and lessen the harm we do it it.

    Almost everything we buy or use affect the environment in some way.

    I try not to use anything made from chemicals that can get back into the environment, or which have used harmful processes in their manufacture.


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