Thankful Thursday -- Still there is a gift

*I am really thankful that i still have something to eat today. My mom made many cookies yesterday and they are all delicious.

*I am really thankful that Mr. sexy is still here beside me no matter what happen to me. He is tough i guess. lol

*I am really thankful for those who offense me. i know that you do care about me, you just do not know how to say it, right?

*I am really thankful for Jenry, he is the first commentator on my previous post. lol. thank you very much

*I am really thankful for my unique family, that we could still share each other.

*I am really thankful for Pradana, i know i hate him the previous moment, but after the last conversation, i know that he is a good person. Pradana, give me back my pen!! (just kidding) ... lol

*I am really thankful that i could say thanks for what the Lord have given to me and my life.

*Last but not least, i am really thankful that you spare your time to read my postings. thank you very much.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your grateful heart.

  2. Ooh cookies! How nice! Happy TT and God bless!

  3. but cha, I'm still smell something sad here, something melow you know ;)
    cheer up girl,jia you!!! :)

  4. Wonderful list...
    Cookies? Can I have one?!?! LOL!

  5. You are very welcome, Dev.

    Your Sis in PA.

  6. aku juga thankful nih untuk sering borong comment di blog ku :D

  7. Oh my goodness, can I relate to those who are offending you .. how cute the way you put that! Happy TT...may the Lord bless you today!

  8. bless you, dear one.

  9. i'm really thankful having you as one of my blogbuddies...

    i'm reallt thankful being inspired by what you wrote...

    God bless...

  10. Hi Denise! thank you :D:D

    Hi Serendipity! i wish i could give you some :D

    Hi Tha! bless you to sis :D

    Hi Jenry! lol :D:D:D thank you

    Hi tracey! thank you :D cookies? sure, come here :D:D

    Hi Sis Fida, thank you :D

    Hi Bro Toni :D:D sami sami :D:D

    Hi Debra! thank you very much sis:D

    Hi Pia! thank you sis! God Bless You too :D:D

    Hi Hans... thank you very much.. you too. :D:D


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