O Glorious Divine Love

I want to share this new song to all of you.

O Glorious Divine Love

Since long before the world began,
In Your heart You longed for a Bride;
'Tis mutual dwelling,
Your glorious plan;
With me e'er to abide.

Not knowing Your heart,
I sinned and thus should die;
Yet You shed Your blood
to set me free.
You gave me Your life,
to me drew nigh;
Wondrous love!
We two one
for ever will be.

O glorious divine love!
How can I fathom,Higher than the sky,
deeper than the sea;
It crushes death's pow'r
and Satan's kingdom;
Nothing can compare
with Yourlove to me;

So fervid and so deep,
so gentle and so true;
I'm in love,
Lord,with You.

I give You my heart,
my life and my soul,
Come suffering or joy
what ever betide.
By Your boundless grace,
I'll lay down my all
To build up Your church,
Your glorious Bride;
Your heart to satisfy,
mutual abode we'll be
In eternity

click here for the tones


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  1. What a beautiful and meaningful song!

  2. yup. it really is:D

    thank you for visiting this blog:D:D

  3. Beautiful lyrics. Thanks for sharing!

    Blessings ~


  4. Hi! yup. it is really beautiful.

    Hi admin.. loh?? wkakakak itu ga ada lagunya, cuman lyrics ama tone:D


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