My hamsters and me

Gosh!! i really love them. They really make my day. Today Manis and Endut are together again since the last time i separated them. Why? because of my clumsiness, Endut eat his baby. Oh No! So i get mad and punished him. but i can't stand it. They were meant to be together.

Today i put Endut and Manis together again in their castle. The reunion really touched my heart. They love each other and ......... THEY MAKE BABY AGAIN! I can't believe that. Anyway, i am happy for them.

Go go! Make more babies and i will help you nurturing it. Oh how i love my hamsters...


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  1. weleh2 Endut en manis hebat ya,sekali reuni langsung deh ....
    ehm ehm ...

    endut ga boleh makan anak sendiri lagi yaaaa ..ntar dikarantina lagi loo

  2. cute hampsters! how did you come up with their names?

  3. gara2 review jadi rajin posting hahaha tapi lucu banget deh hamsternya imut ^_^

  4. iya tuh ce, repot emang tuh mereka.... ga malu, padahal diliatin orang serumah lo..wakkakaka

    Hi Amy! well their name in english actually sweetie and chubby:D

    wakakak... iya nih bro, wajib hukumnya :D:D


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