My Brother’s Birthday and Me

My brother’s birthday is almost come. I still don’t know what to give. So today I search for several sites to find out if there are any gift baskets I could give to my brother for his birthday gift. I was hoping that I could find an idea of what could I give to him next month. He is a basketball player actually and he loves to do many things with his notebook. I wonder what kind of gift will fit him.

I also consider a non basket for the gift, it is because I am not quite good combining stuffs with the basket. I also sometimes am bothered by how much time it will take to do something with those ribbons and plastics. Well, I was just wondering, until I found this Holiday Gift Baskets. The shape of those stuffs is varieties from the biggest to the smallest. It is quite fun to combine them into one basket. I think I will try it to do the same here.

Oh, and if you are also looking for an idea of a gift like me, I have a suggestion for you. You do not have to think about it since you could hunt for Unique Holiday Gift Ideas and find the one which is match to you. Use the ideas and try to make it yourself just like what I did. Or if you are too busy to do it, just buy one of those gifts at the mall or any place you like.


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  1. akhirnya terposting juga :D

  2. @tony
    gak jelas post apa nech anak...
    bliin aja kakaknya sepatu basket atau handband yang keren.

  3. wakakakak... hendry bingung..

    handbag? kayaknya dia ga suka gituan... kalo sepatu boleh juga tuh... soalnya kapan hari liat2 sepatu ama dia...tapi sepatu yang dia mau itu mahalnya minta amirr......

  4. I have made some of this baskets, too. Which you can do with it, is giving them a topic. Once for example I made one with Italian food stuff or another time with Scottish stuff. Often I also try to make topics to any gift I make when I know that the one who will get the gift is interesting in a special thing or country.

  5. ouw that is really a good idea sister. thank you very much! now i want to think about giving something which shaped round like a ball.:D


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