Flowers Everywhere

Have you ever been gardening? Well, my mom always does it everyday together with my dad. They both are very enthusiastic planting here and there. Until now, my second floor are full of flowers and plants.I also have a blogger friend who also loves flower. She loves gardening very much. I always see her flower’s picture and they are great. I remember her because when i read the guide to gardening, I found her state there. She must read it to make her garden more glancing.

Well, you can say that i am very new at gardening. I often fail nurturing my plants and i wonder why my mom could do it while i am not. I finally know several reason when i read the gardening tips. We must know what kind of plants we will nurture. Also we must start from seed or bulb. I am really lazy. This is why, sometimes i just buy a grown up plants and put it at home.

Actually there are several exciting things we could have when we have a good garden. We could pleasure ourselves from the 8 hours job or more. We then laying on the hammock and watching the clouds while listening to the the birds song. Oh..What a wonderful world. This is one of the ways we enjoy our life, Isn’t this?


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