A Trip to Malang (1) ::: Flower Day

Remembering my promise several weeks ago, i post these pictures for all of you, especially for Sis Fida who wants to know the flowers :D:D I took all the picture here by my Sony Ericsson K77oi.

My mom says that the name of this flower is Lily. It is beautiful, isn't it?

Here are another pictures:

I do not know the name of these flowers below, but i hope you enjoy it :D It was taken from my second home's backyard in Malang.

And these are several flowers around my neighborhood. I took this picture when i went to the nearest store. I do not know the name, so if there is any of you know the name of these, please tell me:D

That's all my Flower day. I'll be back on my second episode, Scenery day :D See you all!


Ika Devita

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  2. Hi Icha, great job!! Thank you for give me a credit name for this posting. This is so special for me.

    I know the names of some flowers above:

    number 4: Jangger Merah
    '' 5: Bunga Sepatu/Hibiscus sp
    '' 6: Bunga Tapak Kuda
    '' 7: Heliconia sp/sebangsa pisang-pisangan

    Have great weekend!

  3. wow! beautiful flowers!

  4. Hi Jed! makasih :D

    Hi sis Fida! wow! cool@ you know almost all flowers name :D

    Hi Sis Pia! yup! they are very beautiful:D

  5. The lily is lovely! This is the kind I want to have, too. Well, maybe next year! ;-)
    The little violet flowers (the first of your neighbourhood) looks like petunia.


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