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Some people say that "sorry" seems to be the hardest word. It is not happening to me. I wonder why i could easily say sorry when i did mistakes to another people. I realize enough that i am not perfect but i am perfectionist and this sometimes is irritating me. You know, i usually get mad when something is not working as i wish.

Then i took this quiz for me, because i really want to know about me deeper. well, this might be right but this might also be wrong, but let's check this out.

You Are 59% Grown Up, 41% Kid

You've grown up a good bit, but you still have a way to go before you're emotionally mature.

You have the skills to control your emotions, you just have to use them.

Well, like what i just said, this could be right and this could also be wrong.. hehe.. but here is what i wanted to say, I am trying to be a better person day by day. if there is something wrong, please tell me, so that i could do something about it.

Seems like you already know and this sounds so wishy washy (i learn this vocabulary from Mr. Sexy). I often get mad lately. i do not know exactly what is going on with me, but i really do not mean to be angry. It is just everything that happens seems go wrong for me, even what i did myself.

I really hate this feeling and it really make me ponder about myself. Then suddenly i realize that i use my mind too much. I worry about many things in life. I slowly move backward and stand on myself rather than depending on Him who has always guide my life. I betrain my promise to Him. Sometimes our mind rules. Be aware!

So now, i am trying to repair the broken wings and learning to fly. I try to make things work by His word and not mine. I want to learn many things in Him. I want to put my mind above Him so that i could think what He wants and do what He asks me to do. I do not say that this is easy, but i want to learn. Learning is a proccess right? Everybody may learn and they may going forward to their goals. Many options are available but we could choose our decision. So this is my decision, i want to learn to be a better person in His presence. I need all of you guys to support me and remind me of this.

This is just my pondering. I hope all of you are okay with this and not getting bored reading my "mind".

hugs and kisses,

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  1. sorry is a heavy word. so i understand when people are having a hard time uttering this five letter word. you have to mean it. that's what makes it heavy. it means admitting your mistakes and refraining from ever doing the same mistake again. when one says sorry, he should mean it, because TRUST is at stake. i can say this easily too, i guess we're both blessed to have been humbled in the past. God bless you, devita.

  2. koment aja soal lagi ga sehat :(

  3. Hi Pia, i'm so glad that you've share this feeling with me. Yes we are so blessed for that. have a great ady!

    Hi Tony, maksutnya ?

  4. yep, being mature is your choice.

    This kind of feeling happen to me too sumtimes. Just go with it, unless you will get furious. Meanwhile, keep growing....

    Be blessed, icha!

  5. yup. you are right.. haha...

    I think everyone could have this feeling :). I'll just go with it :D....and keep growing up...hhaha

    thank you bro :D

  6. This test sounds interesting do you have a link for it? I would like to check it out myself. I think you are right, the test can be right or wrong...as long as you do not take tests too serious I think they can be a help for the daily life, as you said you try to be a better person day by day...I think such tests can help you to reach your goals as they can show you that you are on your way.

  7. ouw sure. i have flied to your home to send you the link :D

    have a good time! :D


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