Psalm 55:22

Life is full of surprises and challenges. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is tough. Remember His blessings and go forward. Do the best and let Him do the rest.

Have an amazing day!


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  1. Beautiful picture and encouraging verse! Thank God that we can cast all our burdens upon Him. Thanks for sharing. Take care and God bless!

  2. Never give up and always smile cause one thing we know for sure that He loves us forever and ever and ever :)

  3. He is our Sustainer. Blessings to you.

  4. Hello Icha, thanks ya atas komentar-komentarnya di HOKI. Senang kalau Icha enjoy melihat foto-fotonya.

    Oh iya Award utk Little Mermaid, telah dipasang di bagian kanan Blog tetapi belum diposting. Mungkin weekend ini ya.


  5. Great post! Great reminder, thank you.

  6. Thanks for posting with us today. Lovely picture

  7. What a beautiful pic and verse. Thank you for the precious reminder that He will take my burdens and sustain me.

  8. Gorgeous imagery and I love your blog!!

  9. beautiful post! and one of my favorite verse! i'm so glad you joined us today! :)

  10. Amen! What a glorious promise. Thank you for sharing that scripture and beautiful photo!

    Happy WFW!

  11. Hi Nancy! thank you very much. take care. God bless.

    Hi Jenry! you are absolutely right :D

    Hi Kristi! blessing to you.

    Hi Denise! Amen. :D nice to see you here :D

    Hi Sis Fida!hehe... okay sis, i'll go there. take it easy. I'll wait :D

    Hi Jen! Thank you :D

    Hi Amy! thank you. thanks for visiting this blog.

    Hi Laurie Ann! Thank you, have a blessed day!

    Hi Twinkle mom! ouw thank you very much, i really appreciate it. :D

    Hi Amy Deanne!thank you :D i am also glad to join you:D

    Hi Tracy! you're welcome. Happy WFW!

  12. Beautiful. I am so thankful for the sustaining power of the Lord!

    Happy WFW!

  13. Amen :o) Love that verse I am so glad to know He is my sustainer!

  14. have an amazing day too!!!
    Be blessed, Icha!

  15. setuju ama yang di atas, foto, retouch ama ayatnya bagus...

    ikutan lomba donk.

  16. I loved this post! Thanks for sharing, and have a blessed week.

  17. Hi Hans... happy day!

    Hi Jed! makasih ya :D

    hi Chickie momma :D thanks for your coming:D

    have a blessed week!


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