Mom's Anger

Mom's Anger
By: Devita

Mom's anger shows her care
Her patience to be a great educator
Her endeavour to understand us
And her way to have oneself way

In her anger...
She conceal her love
A great love
That we'll never suppose it for us

She never let us clean our clothes ourselves..
So that we could use a tidy clean clothes
She never let us cook our food ourselves...
so that we are full and satisfied

She's done it all just for us
The people whom she loved
Without any recompense

For all the good things
We must thank to God
For getting a good kindly mom
A person who always be
a diamond in our heart.

Surabaya, 2001, revised: July 2008

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  1. Great expresiion for your mom, Icha.

  2. jadi kangen ama mama...:)

    met kenal ^^

  3. Hi sis Fida! thank you :D

    Hi Aldie! me too :D

  4. hehehehe itu nyokap loe? sadarkah beliau saat dijepret dirimu? :)

  5. uuh..Mum..i luph yuu.. :)

  6. oh my... i miss my mom :(

  7. hello..
    Why she's angry?
    are u a bad girl?

  8. Hi Fun! dia ga sadar...ssttt.. jangan bilang2 yah!

    Hi Nie.... wkakaka..... loh kok bilangnya ke icha..wakkakak

    Hi Seli... you are a mom too right? :D

    Hi Akokow! no, I'm a cute girl..wakakkak

  9. Even a cute girl can make some mistakes that make their mom angry :D

  10. aku pernah lihat video ini sebelumnya.. keren!!!


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