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We lately often hear about the unhealthy climate in our environment. It could happen from many causes, such as the pollutions, the careless of the people, and the use of many harm gas and chemistry. Throwing away a garbage in unappropriated place is also causing a continuing trouble for our earth.

We, as the people who supposed to manage this environment and to take care of it should have realized this. Why the weather is suddenly becoming hotter and hotter? Why people suddenly are getting mad and uncontrolled? Why the criminal is raising? Why? Why? And again, why?

Some of the people arguing and blaming each other. They judge the industries for it. They thought that the industries waste are polluting and dangerous for the environment. The industries make this happens, where we could not enjoy the cool weather and inhale a very bad air outside. Are they true? Well, i guess all of you are already know the answer.

But let me ask you to consider. How about our own life. Have we make any difference for our environment? Look at our home. Is there any tree? Or plant? Or bush? Oh forget about the bush, i guess you should have banished it. So, how about our environment? Is it good for us? Is it good for others?

So, instead of blaming and judging each other, let us make differences for the environment. Starting from us, and let the others follow. How about that? I have several things we could do to build our care of our environment and help us connected to it. It might not be as much as the Environment Department do, but it will means a lot if you do it constantly. Remember, don’t judge each other, it starts from you. Yes, YOU!

Here is what we could do:

  1. Walk. Yes, walk! Walking is good and it helps you maintain your health. Besides, you could reduce the pollution (which is caused by your vehicle). Don’t worry, i do not suggest you to walk from your home to the school or workplace which took 30 minutes by your vehicle and it’s about eight kilometers. Hell No! I suggest you to walk when you want to go to the store near your location right now.

So, instead of using your motorcycle or your car (Hey, the gasoline price is rising, right? You could save your money), you better walk. Measure your body defense and take a walk. Believe me, it will keep the environment health and also your body. Interested? Do it from today.

Ps: you could also take the picture of the sunset :D it is really cool! And you could also appreciate how God has created such a beautiful world.


  1. Use safe stuffs. for instance, a bag which could be recycled, instead of plastics. Careffour provide this kind of bag. Which you could buy it for about Rp. 1.900 per piece and could re change it to them when you find it broke, free. It is only until December guys, so you better be fast. Next year it will be charge for Rp. 1.900 each re change. Or, you could use this stuff

  1. Do the campaign for our environment. Hey, don’t worry. I’m not asking you to run naked on the street. What i mean by campaign is a simple thing like using a bag, or a shirt which could inspire others to love their environment. The bags or the shirts usually have a message on it which could persuade others to do something, in this case, to love our environment. PS: some girls magazine gives you bag or shirt. Here is the example:

Or you could join a campaign group like this.


  1. No more scattering. No matter where you are, do not scatter! If you could not find a trash bin, or garbage bin, put your trash inside your bag (if it is dry) or just hold it until you could find a trash bin (if it is wet). It is not easy to start, especially you are the person who always trowing away the garbage anytime anywhere :D, but after you force yourself to do it one by one. It will automatically become your good habit. You and your new good habit. How about that?
  2. Nurturing a plant. Not much plant, just one plant. Simple plant like Anthurium or Rosemary, or Lavender. Plant it and watch it grow. The effect will be difference for each person, but hey, nothing to lose.
  3. Joining an environment club or forum or real campaign activity. You could traveling around the environment near you and keep it health and clean (of course if you have spare time for this). It will be fun! You will realize that you are not a freak who loves your environment. You will realize that it is a good thing to love the environment. Interested? There are several link you could join to get involved to the community: Clean up the world, Green Peace, Pro Fauna, and Walhi, of course you could find a local club near your home, to keep in touch with them and to take care of your environment first.
  1. Have no clue about the green and clean program or what to do? You could visit this site to learn more and do it yourself at home: Cifor, WWF, Go Green Indonesia.

Well, it is not to difficult to love our environment right? Starting from you and let the others follow. Remember, don’t judge each other, it starts from YOU. Let’s make differences!

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  1. Saya sih mau banget jalan kaki, Ka... tapi emang jalan untuk pejalan kaki disediain gitu?? Kalo jalan tuh kudu siap2.. diserempet sepeda/becak/motor/mobil. Nah lho...

  2. nice posting...hope you'll win the competition.

  3. Jc: kan iyang deat2 ajah. kalo dari rumah cece mo tugu pahlawan ya perlu menghadapi dikit bahaya. kan cece tinggal di perumahan? nah kan bisa mulai dari sana.

    Koko: thank you :D you too :D

  4. keren banget neh...bisa menang lagi kayaknya..

  5. Hi Jed! ohya? amin deh.

    Sis Fida, thank you:D

  6. Aku juga dukung nih..moga2 laporan di posting nya adalah sebagai winner :)

  7. Lagi kepikiran kalo emang Jed kurang jalan selama ini, mungkin sehari gak sampai 50 langkah...duh, mesti mulai bikin program jalan sehat neh...

  8. wah... panjaaaang, dan laaamaaaaaa... itulah postingannya hiks... *langsung komen aja deh*. saya tetep ga bisa meninggalkan tas plastik.... ketergantungan banget :((

  9. yang aku heran, tas nya carefour itu kan plastik juga toh. Kalo re-change, sama Carefour nya dibuang juga ga sih?

  10. Hi Tony! makasih ya :D

    Hi Jed! wakakak ayo jalan, biar sehat juga jantungnya :D

    Hi Feny! wakakak tas carefour memang juag seperti plastik gitu kok, tapi bisa didaur ulang. kalo plastik yang biasa ga bisa didaur ulang. :D

    Hi Hans! enggak, karena tas carefour itu bisa didaur ulang :D

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  12. kalo naik turun tangga termasuk ga? :)

  13. Hi sis Fida! okay, thank you :D

    Hi Fun! tergantung lah, kalo kamu naik turun tangga sambil nyabet semua tanaman di sekitar nya ya namanya ga love our environment itu. ini kan bukan program penurunan berat badan.


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