The Bad Effect of Criminality Programs

In this sophisticated age, people are getting smarter and technology is stepping forward. Many movie effects were created to satisfy the audiences and it really works. The programs that inform many realities in this world become varieties. The crew of the program could reconstruct the way something happen. What a progress! Criminality news programs, for example, always show us how the criminal is happened. They do short drama about how the criminality is happened. It is named scene reconstruction. This activity is done in order to help us to prevent the other criminality things. We can say that it is good because we can know how bad people do their bad business so we can watch out if something’s bad is near to us. In spite of that, it also creates bad effect to all of the people, especially for them who are in bad state emotion. Although television criminality programs give much information about criminality, they also influence several people to do bad things such as stealing, killing and violating.

Criminality programs could influence several people to do stealing. People used to steal slowly at someone’s house or community. The thief used to be afraid of being caught by the police. It is not often happen today. Bad people can do hypnotize. They use this ability to take whatever they wanted to take. Not only hypnotizing, they also can make a strategy to get what they want. The new tricks sometimes come up when people watch scene reconstructions at the television. It helps them to improve their strategy so that the police could not seize them. All the people can steal, not only the bad one. People with bad emotion can be impulse to do stealing to increase their prosperity or fulfill their needs. When the criminality news program is performed, people got influence. Stealing becomes a usual activity for people today. When we hear about thief who steal something and got caught by the police, we just say, “Ah, it happens again”. This is a usual activity, especially for the people in Indonesia. It has become a habit.

Besides stealing, television also influences people to do killing. They even come up with the new way to kill. Mutilations, for example, it is popular right now. After the killer kill someone, they also cut the dead body and hide it in different place. They do this to avoid the police. This activity become popular since the first time it performed by the killer who get caught and appeared in television’s criminality program. Since now, we know that even the mother can do this kind of killing. She cut her baby alive because she could not afford the baby’s life cost. The other way to kill is “eating”. It is only done by several tribes before, but now, it has been misused. Sumanto, for example, eats another person, alive. What happens with the world today? People killing each other. They become so mean. Everyday when we watch our television, criminality is always there. Son killed his mother, wife killed her husband, nephew killed his uncle with the reason that life is not easy, and they need money and so on. When television informs criminality, the other criminality is happened. It is like a circle of televisions life. Influence and being influenced is the route.

The other bad effect of television’s criminality programs is violating. Scene reconstructions sometimes help us prevent another criminal, but the other effect is worse. The children learn how to do that. They also practice it to their friend. That is why we often hear about children under age violating their friends. After watch the scene reconstructions, they practice it. They learn fast but the lesson is worst. Knowing this, the parents should watch their children carefully. They must do this to avoid another bad things happens. Talk about parents. Not only children can be influenced by the television. Grandfather and grandmother in their old life also can be influenced. After watch the televisions, they suddenly want to do it. Then who are the victims? They sometimes use their grandchildren or their neighborhood children or another children to release their desire. It not only happens once but several times. What a decline morality! Oldest people should give a good example for their children. But they do the other instead with the reason of loosing their mind. This is terrible.

While television’s criminality program informs us about criminal happens in the country, the other effect is appeared. People begin to practice the bad things such as stealing, killing and violating. Television is a mirror of people’s life. When it shows bad activity, no matter what the programs, it means that the people also doing bad things. Television’s program is performed to show the life reality. The director, the producer or all the people behind the television sometimes use their experiences to commerce their program. People use their experiences to make a program. This is Cultivation’s Theory. That is why we should study hard and being educated by our parents. It purposes to transform us into an educated person with a good personality and morality. With the strong good personality, we are expected to be a good person too. Do not disappoint our parents by doing stupid silly things like the criminals in this world. But make them proud by showing our best achievement.

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  1. While it is undeniable that such TV programs could lead to several bad effects, it is also questionable whether all TV viewers will react the same way toward the criminality shown on TV.

    PS: gimana nanti kalo ada yang kopas ini buat paper dia di kampus hehhehe...

  2. You are very correct Icha, those 'how to prevent crime' news and 'how crime happens' news actually are great, ONLY and ONLY if they don't show everything in detail, this is my own opinion, because then they are not teaching how to prevent only, but how to do it too, and people who doesn't know or never thought of doing it can get an idea or even tempted to do just that. You see, people live by example, that's why when you feed the audience with good example, they will go to that way, but when you feed them with the wrong idea, day in and day out, well...the crime not getting lower but higher, well go figure! And we have to congratulate our media for educating the audience how to do bad things...hehehe..

  3. hey, can you tell me which bc competition that you follow? i'd like to know.

    but if there's no TV, doesn't that make us living in ivory tower?

  4. To akokow>>Are you sure that no TV will make us living in an ivory tower?? Well, how about people b4 us who didn't have TV back then? Our ancestors, were they living in an ivory tower?

    (weh, gw jadinya kok tertarik neh...wahaha, malah mendebat orglain disini wakakakaa...maap ya Cha, soalnya topiknya menarik!)

  5. gapapa baby... icha seneng bacanya :D

  6. wah wah wah semua pada englis englisan jadi menyimak aja dengan indonesia ku :D

  7. hahaha, nowadays, nobody is locked in ivory tower. We have newspapers, internet, and TV. So like me who didn't spend so much time on TV, i still can stay connected to the world (mostly internet :p) But for people that only have TV as their main source of information, you take their TV and they don't really know whether the comet is coming to destroy the earth, hence the ivory tower analogy.

    How ancient is our ancestor that you talking about? Cavemen didn't care what happened to the other side of the world. In the middle age they have many messengers risk their lives to give news from the other side.

  8. ga demen kalo liat tv yang nayangin tentang kriminal... jadi kepikiran dan takut kemana2....


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