I'm Gonna Sing It!

Well, one of my activities now is rehearsing singing. this song is sung by Shunza. I actually haven't heard about her before, but after i browse several sites about her.... Surprisingly, She is famous...

here is some of the information:

Shunza, or Ni Shun Zi, a pianist and singer, was born in Beijing and raised in America and Switzerland. Her music is best described as popular Chinese love ballads, but over the past decade she has applied her velvet voice and virtuosic piano-playing to everything from rap and hip-hop to soul and jazz. Shunza is a Chinese singer-songwriter known for her "velvet" voice and love ballads. Unlike most pop idols who perform in front of screaming fans, Shunza's concerts are more intimate and cocktail-style. Over the course of her career, she has collaborated with other Taiwanese artists such as Elva Hsiao and Wilber Pan.
Ni Shun Zi was born on February 12, 1973 as the youngest of two children. Her father was a clarinet player, while her mother was a well-known pianist. At the age of 3, she, her mother, and her older sister moved from Beijing to San Francisco as a result of divorce. Upon graduating high school, Shunza studied at the School of Contemporary Jazz in Switzerland. It was there that she founded a band called Duty Free, releasing a few works in Europe. In 1994, Moyan Records, a subsidiary of Rock Records, received one of her demo tapes, and consequently signed her to a record contract.
Since her debut, Shunza has released numerous albums in Mandarin, Japanese, English, and French. In 1999, she was hailed as the Best Female Singer and Best Composer at the 10th Golden Melody Awards. In October 2000, Shunza signed on with EMI, joining Cantopop sensation Faye Wong.
(click here for more information)

Well, i will sing her new song titled "Yong Yuan Deng Dai" (Waiting For You Forever). I'm gonna sing it next thursday. I'm very nervous. So guys... wish me luck!


c u soon!

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