Mr Sexy, this is for you.
© By Bobby G. Blackley Jr.
I wonder if you think of me
When night is drawing near.
And in the shadows of your room
The walls around you disappear.
I wonder if in your quiet thoughts
Your dreams of me are anymore.
When in the silent, velvet blue
The moon is tapping at your door.
I wonder if the shining stars
That dangle from the clouds above
Reminds you of my whispered words
In promise of eternal love.
I wonder of the lonely light
That breaks upon the early dawn
Still holds a tender memory for now
So long I have been gone.
I wonder if you dream of me
When the cloudless skies are blue
Because across each day and night
My thoughts are constantly of you.
This poem is taken from here

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  1. wah puisinya bagus banget...

  2. Hi Jed! :D

    Iya nih, Icha lagi kangen ama Mr. Sexy, makanya cari2 puisi buat dia :D

    have a nice day!


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