My Beautiful Memory

I use to have foreigner friends when i was 20 years old. I made friends with them accidentally. I did not going abroad and made friends with them –i do not have money, remember?- but i know them from my class. They were exchange student. Their name is Martin, Daniel, Miriam and Anna. Well, we finally made friends together. We spent most of our time together. We went to the mall, we had lunch together, we went shopping and browsing for books. We were very excited.

They are not here anymore. They have gone back to their country, Miriam, Anna and Daniel. How about Martin? I think Martin is doing some adventures now, remembering that he really loves traveling. He sometimes sends me the picture he had taken everywhere. One of my favorite pictures is the snow around his house which is shown below:

and this one

I really loves them (as my friends, of course, o gosh!). i learn many things. We have different cultures but we could interact each other. For example, when i use my hand to say “ok”. They said that the symbol i use means bad word at their country. The symbol means insulting someone. “Cool! Cause that would mean I am insulting you, Daniel” that’s what i said to him. And he laughed. When we went to the mall, i use casual clothes while Anna used dress. That’s why, every eyes are on us. What a glance!

Anna is the most brilliant from all. No...! I did not say that the others are not brilliant, i mean all of them is brilliant but Anna is the most brilliant of all. She loves to study. She spend most of her time relaxing at the library, while me and my friend, we went to the mall or had something to eat (shame on me!). Anna likes going outside, doing some outdoor activity. She also likes traveling. She is cheerful and fun!

Daniel loves to learn new things. I always teach him how to speak several words in Indonesia. The day He left me, he could say: “kasian deh lo!”, “cape dee”, “jayus banget sih”, etc. It was fun to teach him, because he sometimes found it difficult to say several words, he is not used to it. But he is cool! He has a girlfriend named Miriam.

Miriam is the easy going one. She is tall and sweet. She has brown beautiful hair. She likes to make jokes. She is the “no problem” girl. She always told me, “Don’t worry Ika, Everything is under control”. She is calm. No wonder why Daniel loves her. The beautiful part of our friendship is that they are easily gives me hug while i am still thinking whether this hug is necessary needed or not.

I really miss them and IF YOU GUYS ARE READING THIS, ummm, i mean, Martin, Daniel Anna and Miriam, PLEASE CONTACT ME, BECAUSE I LOST YOUR NUMBER..HIKZZZ...

Well, talking about foreigner, i has just read an internship programme that had been held by British Council. I just wonder whether I could find another foreigner buddy and also get some additional payment there :D (ouw yeah! That’s the point!).

Here is what British Council says about their internship program:

The purpose of our Internship Programme is to offer successful candidates an opportunity to improve their skills and enhance their educational experience through practical work assignment while gaining experience of working in an international environment.

Our Internship Programme is open to young people who are 18 years or above, graduated from high school and currently a student completion a course of study. Fluency in English is desirable. Computing skills, as well as knowledge of British Council work areas are advantageous.

We pay an internship allowance which is calculated upon intern actual working days and includes interns into the Jamsostek Programme for work related accident and death accident. Interns are responsible for their own living accommodations, visas, transport, personal insurance, etc. Note: this internship programme is also available for international applicants.

all selected candidates who have completed the internship programme satisfactorily will receive a certificate stating the period of the internship and the name of the section or office to which the intern was assigned.

Read the bold one. It is also available for international applicants. So, i think, there must be another foreigners there right? This is another chance to meet another different culture friends. I can’t wait to apply. How about you?

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  1. bulenya ganteng2 yak esp martin hehehehe :) kenaliin yak hahaha :)

  2. wakakaka..... boleh. ntar yah klo i berhasil menemukannya. cz dia lg traveling kyknya.

  3. icha,
    cc yakin mereka juga selalu inget kamu, karena oh karena ..
    kamu emang layak dapet bintang
    kamu memang baek banget en bahagia banget cc bs kenal kamu
    JLY icha cantik!

  4. kok bisa kenal banyak bule gitu ya? kenapa ga ikut sekalian traveling :)

  5. Hi cece.. iya nih, soalnya udah lama ga ketemu, jadi kangen banget.

    Hi Tony, traveling? ga punya duit. mo bayari?:D:D

  6. nice photo shots :-)
    the with snow makes me freeze
    have a nice day friend :-)

    Amazing Life
    Everything is Simply Amazing
    Daystar Shine On Me

  7. Hi sister! thank you!

    have a great day!

  8. Ayo cepetan aja ngedaftar. Siapa tahu gol!!! Ikutan seneng khan.

  9. iya. tapi ga boleh ama papa..hikzzz

  10. Hi Ika, I am sorry I do not know your friends and cannot help you to get back in touch with them. Sorry!


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