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When we talk about "giving thanks" we will never be exhausted, that probably because we have so much things in life to be thankful for. I visited Susan's blog this morning and saw her new project. I was very happy that she does not mention my name for the next chain. That's not because I do not want to give thanks but i just avoid getting many projects... wakaakkakkakaka... But since Susan asked me to do this and I could not have an exact time to give thanks, I use this moment to share this for all...

Everything that I am thankful for are the gift from God and I can not mention it all, but i know that we are all understand about that, so here I go!

1. I am thankful for my chance to live. I can breath today and can do many things. This morning, when i read The Purpose Driven Live, God reminded me again that He created me for a purpose and He created me perfectly. I am not an accident. So, here I am and I am thankful for it.

2. I am thankful for my father. Well, we are not a billionaire and sometimes we are stuck but he keep struggling and never gives up for us, and we survive. He is cool! Thank you father. I am thankful for my mother. Although we used to dispute each other when i was a teenager, but I know that she loves me and do everything for me and my future. She is the best. Thank you mother.

3. I am thankful for my brother. He is naughty and I swear, I sometimes want to kick him or punch him (wakakkaka..) but he is my brother. God has put him around me to help me, to protect me, to share with me and I can not lie that I am thankful for having him in my life.

4. I'm thankful for my best friend. They are always there for me, sharing every tears and laughters. I'm thankful for Mayang, Vanani, Wan Wan, Meliana, and Tirto.

5. I'm thankful for my friends in my hometown, Qiao Guang's Crews (Wan wan, Meliana, Melissa, Yunita, Cen cen, Jiu Jiu, Didi, Wawang, Tirto, Yulita, Intan, Eka, A Yi Se Ing, A Yi Meme, A Yi Jay Ik (already passed away) and Wan's parents) and Career Center Crews (Sis Jessie, Sis Yuyu, Sis Lyd, Sis Desi, Mam Lisa, Mam Magda).

6. I'm thankful for my Dad -again- who provide this computer and this internet, so I could meet my special friends (Baby, Christian, Sis Fida, Eta, Nie, Susan, Caca, Gladies, Jed, Joanne, Seli, Litle mermaid, Mel, June, Shilda, Steph my foster brother), and my fave friends (>> see my side bar) and I am thankful that I could interact with them.

7. Last but not least. I am thankful for Mr Sexy. I am grateful for every moment we share. Sometimes we disagree about each other's behavior or opinion, but he teaches me many things. I am thankful for him.

Well, i do not want to force someone to do this, but if you want to give thanks, do it from your heart, not from your mind. :D

have a great day!!

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  1. Hihihihi...udah baca siy ttg paket dari Mr. Sexy, jadinya penasaran niy.. Icha, mr. Sexy itu sopo ta???

    Hahahaha...pengen tau mode: ON!

    Eniwei, yup thanks memang harus dari hati yg terdalam.. ;)

    Have a great day Icha... :D

  2. wakakakaka.... nanti suatu hari pasti Icha kenalin deh:D

    betul! setuju.!

    have a great day!

  3. Dear Icha/Dev,

    Good posting.

    I will write about your question someday soon. Thank you for being a such great Blogger friend.

    I am doing your homework step by step, he,he,....


  4. Hi Sis Fida! okay :D You are very welcome:D



  5. Hmm mo mengucapin terima kasih buat devita karena mau singgah dan ngasih komen di blogku. :)

  6. Icha cantik,
    makasih banget dah dikerjain pe ernya hehehe

    btw2 ..punya satu permintaan neh,
    will u please be my sis?? kepengin banget neh punya mei2 kayak icha


  7. sama-sama.
    permintaan apa? apa? jadi sister? boleh.

    Icha juga mau punya cece cakep:D:D

  8. Aku juga dong masukin dalam daftar thankful nya :D *emang aku siapanya* :)

  9. sudah masuk kan di bagian side bar:D itu Icha tulis, habis banyak banget sih..wakakkakak

  10. That's why you have a such beauty quality called 'the inner beauty'...hmmm, I like your smile...God bless you...always

  11. Hi anda cantik, God Bless You too :D

  12. Hi there, would you like to exchange links? -Florence-

  13. hehehehehe kayak terima acara grammy award yak.. ucapan terima kasih hehehe :)
    have a great day too :)

  14.!??! *batuk2* errrmmm errmmmm sapa yaaaa ?? :-P

  15. Hi florence, sure!

    Hi fun! wakaak iya nih.. :D

    Hi June! wakakkak... sstt..wakkakakka..


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