Qiao Guang's trip. April, 20th, 2008. Batu, Malang. Indonesia.

Before we went to the Hotel, we visited Gunung Kawi first to let them who want to pray there do their duty. While they prayed, we took a walk and take these pictures. Wan-wan, Rambo and Melisa decided to wear a tattoo. So they order it. Here are the pictures.

Wan wan's tattoo

Melisa's tattoo

Rambo and his tattoo

Trio detectives

They posed together since they are at the same seat behind.
Royal Orchid Garden, April, 20th, 2008
Here are several picture that hand been taken from Qiao Guang's latest trip at Royal Orchid Garden, Batu.

Pose before sleep....with Garfield :D

Breakfast at the restaurant. I forget which one of these restaurant: Singasari, Siang Yuan or Ken Dedes. , but we had fun there. We also requested a song "Wonderful world" then we went to the stage and took the picture together (the singer and us). Nice try!

Balcony in front of the second restaurant. Left side: restaurant. Right side: swimming pool. We had our breakfast at the third floor restaurant.
We also went to Cuban Rondo falls. It is very cold there. I suggest you to wear you jacket.
Girls, Wawang and Ferry

Rambo and wawang conquer the mountain (in their dream).
I took this picture from the distance of 1 km.

Somebody .. help him!!
Another trio detectives

Girls... and Ferry

Girls and Rambo

Cuban Rondo's monkeys. Can you find it?

They who did not join us:

Yunita and Hera could not join us because they have their own business.

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  1. wah enaknya jalan2..
    oh kamu kenal herlini juga ya?

  2. iya :D.. kalo aku manggilnya Wan Wan. Pasti Miss Joanne kenal karena satu gereja yah? :D

  3. Aku pernah ke sono, pas diklat tim majalah sekolah pas SMA dulu...jadi kangeen..jadi pengen liburan nih Ka...
    soal tatto, aku pengen nyoba lho Ka, tapi anton ga bakal bolehin T.T

  4. wakakka... duh.. yang lagi mupeng :D


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