Electricity....Milk....and then Pornography..

I rarely watch news in television. I also seldom read newspaper at home. Bad habit (-_-) !

But hey, here are what i heard from them at a glance.

1. Several month ago my television (the news actually) said that our electricity use would be limited. it means that when we use the electricity more than our home capacity, it will be charged 20% and if we use it less, we would get insentif about 5%. Yesterday, it was cancelled.

2. The rumor about Enterobacter Sakazaki in formulated milk is true. It is proven by Bogor Institute of Agriculture (IPB) which announced findings that 22 percent of formula milk for infants on the market was infected with the bacteria Enterobacter sakazaki. In spite of that, the brands of the bacteria-contaminated formula are still not revealed.

3. Pornography becomes the most popular topic this month. Firstly, i heard from television that the government is going to block any porn sites that connect to Indonesia. Unfortunately, they use Kaspersky, AVG, etc...wait.... isn't that an antivirus software???!! well... i don't know. Then last night i heard that one of Hongkong actor is resigned from his entertainment job because he got caught collecting porn pictures of HIMSELF and several Hongkong actresses. Well... good for you.

Those are the news i heard lately.... did i miss something here?

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  1. hi there..

    you definitely has more english contents than me. Interesting post btw. Good work.

  2. About the rumor... it is TRUE that it's juz a rumor. Coz, di website-nya BPOM udh ada surat resmi tentang susu formula di indo bebas bakteri sakazaki. Mereka bilang, dari tahun 1961 sampe sekarang, di seluruh dunia baru ada 42 kasus. Itu pun terjadi pada bayi yang memang lemah tubuh, misal: bayi lahir prematur. Dan biasanya terjadi pada bayi dibawah umur 1 bulan. Memang sangat disarankan untuk kasi ASI sejak lahir, biar ketahanan tubuh bayi juga kuat. Lagipula, tidak ada wabah banyak bayi tiba2 kena diare akut ato infeksi otak di Indo akhir2 ini. Kalo emang betul sufor di indo mengandung bakteri sakazaki, pasti wabah itu udah nyebar.

  3. HK actor, and several actresses?

    edison chen kah?

  4. Hello Icha,
    Did I pass to say "Happy Easter" to you???

    Well, I am sorry if i did. I was sick. I had flu and I am better now although not 100%.

    Good posting!
    Keep writing!

  5. Hi Fida.. It is okay :D Hapy Easter yah.. thank you :D get well soon :D

    Hi Mel, yup.. Edison Chen :D

    Hi ce Jessie... So how about the research that had been conducted by IPB?

    Hi Pico.. thank you.. and good luck for your site :D


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