Tossa oh Tossa...

I have been very tired that day and I had many works to do. When I had finished my work, I packed my bag and was ready to give a ride for sis Jessie. I went to the parking area and found my motorcycle out of gas. What a shock! I remembered I had filled it that morning and the tank was empty in the evening!

I tried to turn on the machine but it did not work. I looked around and found Emejohn and Miss Lydia there. My mind said, “They are still here! They could give me a hand.” Then I called them and tell them what had happened to my Tossa. Emejohn tried to repair it but it seemed do not work. Sis Jessie came and tried to help. It still did not work.

“It is strange.” I said.
“I have filled it this morning. It’s impossible if it run out of gas”, I added.

The security came and tried to help us. When he realized that he also failed, he suggested us to leave the motorcycle there and asked someone to pick me up. Well, I thought that was a good idea. But then I realized that I still had many works to do and that would mean I did not have much time for this.

I called my brother and asked for his suggestion. He said he would go to my office and helped me repair the motorcycle. I agreed and waited him at career center, my office. Yuris accompanied me, because suddenly Mrs. Magda should go home and left us there.

My brother came and checked my Tossa. He brought a bottle full of gasoline to trigger my Tossa. It did not work. We decided to leave the motorcycle there then. The security told us to move my motor to another building basement. It is about 2 km from our position. It was too far for us since we did not have any tools to help us. Then I suddenly remembered about my second foster brother. He has a multiplayer café. I asked him whether I could put my motorcycle there for a night. He permitted me. He even helped me to handle all the permission. It helped me a lot.

Yesterday, my brother and his friend, Andrew, brought my Tossa to the service center. Even though they did not tell me, I know that they must have been very tired. Today I could use my Tossa again and it is all because of them. So, I want to thank them one by one.

Thanks to Emejohn who firstly helped me at that time. You had ignored your cleanliness and helped me with that oil and dust. Thanks for asking the security to help me until I could solve the problem. Anyway, the security went away after you went home. Thanks to Miss Lydia for hanging on there to wait Emejohn. Sorry for the time.

Thanks to Sis Jessie who touched that oil. I really sorry I could not give you a ride. But hey, you have Timothy :D

Thanks to parking guy who stay quiet and did not say a word. I really helped me a lot.

Thanks to my bro who could stay at home and play but he choose to pick me up instead? I thank you for your time, your money, your help, your jokes, your story, your idea to buy mini burgers, your braveness and your kindness. I really appreciate it.

Thanks to Fredrick, my second foster brother. You are always there for me to help me. Thank you bro. Thank you for all the efforts you have given to me. Thank you for the security guy at your office and thank you for the cashier girl.
Special thanks to Andrew, that was your second help after the accident last year. Thanks a lot.

Last but not least, thank you Lord, You have provided me such a lot of help out there. You are the best!

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  1. Hueee... ikaaa.. sorryy I left you before ur motorcycle had been well fixed. In fact, I did not do anything useful to help you. And about the oil, it was my fault, anyway. Hiks... sorry ya, Kaaaa...


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