Surprisingly Friday...part one

Friday, February, 9Th, 2008

I had a dance rehearsal for Miss Silvi’s final exam. I left my office (also my college) at 3.30 pm. and drove my motorcycle to Wilwatikta.

Miss Silvi is my teacher at Qiao Guang. She has been teaching us since two years ago. I think she is a unique female. She loves horror but also loves cartoon. Not only cartoon, she also loves Japan hero children movie. I do not know how to call it, but it also my favorite show when I was a kid. She loves Ultraman and she collects all of the movies. She loves Sailor moon and Sinchan. Well, she is so funny, but she is very discipline. She teaches us to take responsibility of all our decision. When we are rehearsing, we are not allowed to play. But I always ask my friend to play. wakkaka…. due bu qi lao shi… I just want to warm the relationship between us.

I was very on fire when she told me to help her on her final exam. She sent me sms - because I didn’t pick up the phone- late at night telling me that Meliana and I will be the dancer from Qiao Guang and the rest three will come from her school. Wait… Did I say “school”? Yes! She is almost thirty three years old, but she still studies at Wilwatikta. After a short conversation between Meliana and her, I found out that she is a PhD at Psychology. W-O-W. She had finished her post graduate and still learning now. I envy her.

Suddenly, I feel very upset. I could not find the school. I asked the security three times but they didn’t show me the right way. Whew! Then it happened again. I lost in Wisma Mukti. It’s only a small ordered housing but I lost there. What a day! Finally, after turning around about three times on the same way, I found Wilwatikta. Just like my guess, Miss Silvi was waiting for me there. My self defend mechanism is on. I told her that I lost and it was difficult to find the school. She seemed understand and did not angry. Thank God.

Meliana had not come yet, so we waited for her. About 10 to 15 minutes then she came with her brother accompanied her. Everyone was there, the dancer was complete, and the rehearsal began. We should dance TAP DANCE!!! Do you know what Tap Dance is? Tap dance is a dance in which the rhythm is sounded out by the clicking taps on the heels and toes of a dancer's shoes. That’s why the plastics were very heavy. That’s why she brought shoes with a metal plate on it. OMG!

Actually I was very happy at that moment. This is what Meliana and I want. We sometimes talk to Miss Silvi to teach us Tap Dance because we think that Tap dance is cool. She has granted our wish. I was very happy until I realize that Tap dance is not easy. There are more rythim, more movement and more tiring. We should move our feet with power and speed. A little mistake could break the rythim. Yet, I’m still excited. Meliana is as excited as I do. We sometimes practice together hidely. Well, Meliana and I get the most complicated movement, so we should spend more time to train our feet. This is a chalenge for me and I like chalenges. I like to learn new things and I like to try it. So, Tap dance, sooner or later, I’ll conquer you!

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