It is raining again

Well, i can not go home because it is raining.

I suddenly remember my yesterday memory which i did the carnaval in a heavy rain.

It was raining at my home before i went to Kya Kya, but A yi Se Ing told me that i was not raining there at Kya Kya. So i asked her to pick me up and then we also picked up Melissa, Yulita and Hera. On the way, suddenly the rain came. We were worry about the event. Pleasuring them, i said that there must be someone who helped the event goes well, they are called "pawang hujan". They believed me and then we had a talk.

We got there at Kya Kya at 6 o'clock when the Barongsai and Reog Ponorogo started to move. We walked from Kya Kya to Kotamadya. Umm.. that was the plan. The fact was, we (Qiao Guang girl) used Bemo to go there, after got really wet, of course. I think Shu shu Yi Zou afraid that we wouold get sick. He rent a bemo for us. thank you shu!

We arrived there at 7.30 p.m. The MC prepared themselves and camera men were ready to take the shoot. We waited about thirty minutes then the first group came. It was the group of the committee. They were all wet but still on fire. Soon after that, the other group came and the show began.

I can not remember all detail event at Kotamadya, i just know that the event was attracting. Several things i remember from yesterday carnaval are:

- I met Hauw Hauw on the way to Kotamadya (Hauw Hauw is a new Career Supporting Club Crew at Career Center >> The place i work)
- The Event's title is "Kreasi 1.000 Lampion"
- Most of the people used red as their outfit
- The Reog show came from the same group as the Reog i saw at PTC
- The Barongsai's group's name is "Senopati"
- One of the sponsor of that event is Jtv (a local television)
- last but not least, Jtv will perform it next week at March, 2nd, 2008, 8.30p.m.

9.00 p.m.
Melissa's dad pick her up and i decided to join her. I went home with Melissa, Hera and Yulita. We went to buy food at ngagel first and then we went home.

At home
Feeling really bad, I took off my wet shoes, my shocks, my bag, my pants, my shirt, my underwear and i.............

took a shower.

what do you expect?

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