Why Smile?

Here are several things that had happened when I’m somber:
- I had solemn face
- I argued with my Mom in the morning
- I saw skies were so wretched
- I was angry to a car which crossing the street and cut my way
- I was grumble, “You, ugly face, could you drive?”
- I shouted to a cat, “Oh please! Do you want to die?!”
- I raced on the street and almost hit a truck
- I hurt someone I love
- I split my flip flops
- I could not concentrate
- I answer someone with a growl
- I could not stop talking just to ascertain that I’m okay (While in fact, I’m not)
- I talked so fast that my friend could not understand what I’m talking about. ( I lost control)
- I disputed my Dad
- I was under pressure

Here are several...umm... no... here is one thing that had restored my joy:
* S M I L E *

Can’t you imagine?
- Just a smile and I can have a very enjoyable conversation with my Mom and Dad.
- Just a smile and the skies suddenly are bright.
- Just a smile and I can appreciate all the gifts that God had given to me.
- Just a smile, it releases me from emptiness inside my heart.
- Just a smile, it scours all decay in my heart and throw it away.
- Just a smile and I am able to love everyone more than before.

Now, if a single smile could help you from hassle, nuisance, and another miserable thing, why don’t you smile today?

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