Sincerely/ Teach Me Tonight

Sincerely/teach me tonight

Barry Manilow

Album: The Greatest Songs Of The Fifties

("Sincerely" written by Allan Freed and Harvey Fuqua/

"Teach Me Tonight" written by Sammy Cahn and Gene DePaul)

(Duet with Phyllis McGuire)

oh yes, sincerely
'Cause I love you so dearly
Please say you'll be mine

oh you know how I love you
I'll do anything for you
Please say you'll be mine

Did you say (that) I've got a lot to learn
Well don't think I'm trying not to learn
Since this is the perfect spot to learn
Teach me tonight

Starting with the ABC of it
Getting right down to the XYZ of it
Help me solve the mystery of it
Teach me tonight

The sky's a blackboard high above you
And if a shooting star goes by
I'll use that star to write "I love you"
A thousand times across the sky

One thing isn't very clear my love
Should the teachers stand so near my love
Graduation's almost here my love
Teach me

oh you know how I love you
I'll do anything for you
If you teach me tonight, tonight, tonight


Barry Manilow, I love you:D.

Last month, someone sent me this song. He said that it is one of his favourite songs. The first time i heard it, i was not like it. But now, I like it very much. Everytime I use my PC, I always listen to it. My hope, i could sing it together with my husband at my wedding party. I sometimes imagine it. But I can't tell you who the bridegroom is:D

Ahh..... Wondering when.........

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  1. Loooove it, kata2nya bagus banget ya.. Wah Icha, the bridegroom-nya pasti someone VERY special ;) Just wait, HE will provide the RIGHT and BESTEST one for you, coz you're VERY SPECIAL PERSON TOO!!! GBU, keep psoting keep blogging yaa....


    aka babyalleluia ;)


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