Wawang's messy graduation day :P

I almost forget to tell you all about our journey at Wawang’s graduation day. We went to three different places in Surabaya. Those places -in my opinion- are the new and popular places at this moment. Wanna know? Read this post carefully. (But if you are not interested, you may skip this post)

The first place was Multi Entertainment Xenter (MEX).
It’s a huge blue building with seven floor contains of different entertainment places. The first floor is Fu Yuan Palace: A Chinese food restaurant which always hold several different activities in a week. They often hold gathering or wedding party, but it also open for all of you who want to try Chinese food. I do not know what available on second, third and fourth floor, because I had never been there. (huehehehe….) The fifth floor is Mystique, a karaoke center. It has a lobby with two sofa and coffee table (and if you lucky enough you would find a shisha above the table). A comfortable karaoke center with a large space of room and five variable sizes: small, medium, large, VIP and president room. The sixth floor is Posh billiard with wi-fi connection, and the seventh floor is Blowfish pub. We ─Melissa, Yunita, Wawang, My brother, My bf and me─ went to the fifth floor, Mystique karaoke. We did the karaoke about three hours, from 3.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. Satisfied? Of course not, because we love to sing. wakakkakak…

Next route was Burger Klenger.
Have you ever heard about it? As long as I know, Burger Klenger has 2 official branch (that’s what I called it). One is placed at Jl. Mayjen Sungkono and the other one is placed at Neo Imago. It sells many varieties of burger such as grilled cheese burger, cheese burger, raja Klenger (huge portion of burger), etc. The prices are about Rp.11.500 – Rp. 100.000. So if you really are a burger addicted, I suggest you to try this burger stand. The drinks cost about Rp. 2.500 – Rp.10.000 (it depends on what you order).

The last journey was D’Cost Seafood Restaurant.
I know this restaurant for about six month, but I do not know when it was established. My friend told me that there is a restaurant with affordable prices at five stars rank. Then I wondered where it is, and my friend brought me there. It really is not expensive (if you go there together with your friend). One that will count you is only the seafood. You do not have to pay more for the rice and plain tea. You will be charged Rp. 1.000,- each person for the rice and Rp. 100,- each person for the plain tea (you do not need to pay more if you asked more tea or rice). They sell from cah kangkung to kepiting bumbu. We ordered Gurami bakar, udang saus mayonnaise, kerang saus padang, taoge ikan asin, and cumi goreng tepung. Each person ordered 2 ice tea which is cost Rp.500 per tea. Wakakkak…. So cheap! We are not too satisfied at D’Cost restaurant because we’ve already fill our stomach with burger before we went there. We were all full.

Well, that’s my journey at Wawang’s Graduation day. Maybe, if there is another graduation day story, I will tell you all. Wakkakaka….. And Wawang, congratulations for your graduation day!! Hope I’ll go after you soon..wakakaka…

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  1. Waduh enaknya makan klenger burger. Jadi pengen beli.


  2. wakakaak... Hi evelyn...salam kenal :D... iya nih, burgernya besar, sampe bingung cara makannya...wakakaaak..... beli aja, sapa tau kita bisa ketemuan di sana..wakakak....



  3. wakakaak... Hi evelyn...salam kenal :D... iya nih, burgernya besar, sampe bingung cara makannya...wakakaaak..... beli aja, sapa tau kita bisa ketemuan di sana..wakakak....




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